Spain photo tours

Learn photography, discover and enjoy Valencia

Spain photo tours led by Louis Alarcon

1. ✔ Valencia is a great mediterranean city that can be discovered in 2 or 3 days.  

2.Valencia is a paradise for tourists and photographers who like human, street, architecture and landscape photography. 

3.My cultural photo walks are done in 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon/evening so that you have free time to enjoy the city.   Check this list for planning your trip 

Why this photo tour with me in Valencia?

Photographic tourism and personal tutoring are the two best ways to improve your images as well as to discover another country.

You can see below some of the places we will visit and photographic styles we will practice

Street Photo

Valencia has a large number of streets and corners ideal for practicing street photo.

The character of the Valencians makes it possible to make some portraits that in other countries would be much more difficult.
Landscape photography
15 kilometers from Valencia we have a small inland sea, it is the ideal place for landscape photography, especially attractive at sunrise and sunset.
Architecture day and night
The City of Sciences is an impressive architectural and cultural space where you can take all kinds of photographs, mainly architecture.
For those interested in long exposure photography. An opportunity to learn how to take great photos with the highest quality.

Photographing the activities and real life in and around Valencia is one of my specialties.


This cultural photo tour is organized as a photography tour in Valencia, as a photography teacher my responsibility is to show you the best and most authentic of my city (once you are here) so that you learn photography in a fun way while you discover in depth the most authentic and hidden Valencia.

Both your flights to and from Valencia, as well as the accommodation you have to arrange it yourself, you can do it with your travel agency or directly from the internet.

You will discover that Valencia is a very touristic city, with cafes and restaurants in every street, full of taxis, cabifys, uber, etc. and with a great offer in hotels of all categoriesOfficial app

In the following link you can see some hotels you can find in Valencia  (there are many more) : hotels

✔ Included: photography photo tour in the city of Valencia.

✔ Not included: flights, transportation, accommodation, airport transfers, meals and souvenirs, travel insurance.

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