Landscape photo tour in Valencia

By Louis Alarcon

Albufera is the closest natural park to the city. Just 15 kilometers away.

Perfect  photo tour for amateur and professionals landscape photographers.


Price and duration.

Duration: 4 hours 

(at sunrise or sunset)

Price: 280 € / person

(transport included)  

Types of photography to practice in the lagoon

There are 3 main types of photography that can be practiced in the Albufera Lagoon.

1.-  ⭐ Landscape photography:  I know the best locations in fishing harbors with small boats, old houses in the middle of the rice fields and the fields themselves.

2.-  Anthropological photography, we also visit fishermen and farmers of this area being able to get portraits and photos of their lifestyle based on fishing, hunting and rice cultivation.

3.-  Bird watching: for bird lovers it is an exceptional place with viewpoints oriented to the breeding places of many birds that have in the Albufera their resting area.

How to get to the Albufera

This large lake is located 15 kilometers from Valencia. We will be transported by car which will allow us to explore not only the natural area of rice fields but also the small village where this fishing community lives.

What photographic equipment to take to the Albufera?

✔ We love to work with our tripods and filters but it is not mandatory to bring these accessories, many of the travelers-photographers with whom I visit the lake prefer to work without a tripod and with somewhat higher isos in order to have more flexibility and ability to move.

✔ The most versatile photographers usually visit the Albufera with a couple of lenses or even with the 24-70 mm zoom lens that allows them to make several types of photography without changing their lenses.

✔ Birding enthusiasts carry their big telephoto lenses, this type of photographer has no doubts about the equipment they have to use.

Why do standard tourists visit the lagoon ?

Almost all tourists who visit Valencia make a half-day excursion to La Albufera.

These are the main attractions that this area offers and that make it so famous.

 Participate in a boat ride on the lake.

✔ Knowing the traditional life around the world of rice and fishing. Palmar Village.

 See a beautiful sunset from one of its piers.

 Eat an original paella and other traditional dishes of the Valencian culture.

Tripadvisor Reviews

If you are interested in knowing the opinions of travelers who visit the Albufera, you can take a look at the almost 2000 comments on Tripadvisor.

Keep in mind that they are standard travelers (not photographers) but you will discover why this park is so visited.


This photo tour is organized as a photography tour in Albufera Park, as a photography teacher my responsibility is to show you the best and most authentic locations (once you are here).

Both your flights to and from Valencia, as well as the accommodation you have to arrange it yourself, you can do it with your travel agency or directly from the internet.

In the following link you can see which hotels I suggest for your accommodation: suggested hotels

✔ Included: photography tour.

✔ Not included: flights, airport transfers, meals and souvenirs, travel insurance.

Map of Albufera

Extra information about this natural park

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Selection of some videos about the Albufera of Valencia

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