Spain photo tours led by Louis Alarcon

1 special day of photography in Valencia
 Learn street, human and travel photography

¡Come when you want to spend 1 photo day in Valencia !

Why book this photo tour in Spain ?

It´s a photo tour "on demand", 1 day in Valencia and its surroundings on the dates that interest you. I do not mix groups (only in Fallas festivities, in March) , it is  just for you, your family or friends.

It is a comfortable trip in which you will discover a city and its most special and hidden places.

You can also come with your family, we take photos for 5 - 6 hours a day ( 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon)  the rest of the time you have free time to relax and go your own way.
✔ I know the expectations of a traveller-photographer when travelling to a new country.


Contact information (NAP)

Name: Spain photo tours led by Louis Alarcon

Address:  c/ Enrique Navarro 30 - 19 - Valencia - Spain

Phone:  +34 658153646

Meeting point :  main door of city hall of Valencia  here 

Why will you love Valencia?

 ✔ Valencia is a mediterranean paradise, safe, fun, with good food, drinks and fantastic light.

 ✔ Valencians have an open personality and accept to be photographed.

 ✔ Also the region has many riches, such as its architecture (old and new), nature, festivities, culture, gastronomy, etc.

Highlights - Spain Photo Tours in Valencia

Street Photography

Valencians tend to live in the street, the good temperature we have all year round makes being outdoors a pleasure. Mixing the environment of the city and the people is an exercise that we street photographers love.


The open character of the Valencian people often makes it easier for photographers who like to take portraits, in other countries this would be very difficult and even dangerous. Valencia proves to be a paradise also in this photographic discipline.


Valencia offers a wide range of styles, from the modern mega-constructions of the Oceanographic Park and the City of Arts and Sciences, through styles such as Arab, Baroque, Gothic, avant-garde and modernist.

Night Photography
The great architectural complex of the "City of Arts and Sciences"  is the ideal place for artistic night photography in the riverbed of the city.
Markets and gastronomy

We are in the centre of the Mediterranean culture, the markets are part of the daily life of the Valencians, full of colour and natural products.
These products will be the raw material to create a great variety of recipes that we will be able to taste in bars and restaurants.

We cannot forget the architecture of these markets, some of them are authentic works of art.

Landscape and anthropology

15 km from Valencia we have the Albufera, a natural environment, rice fields, agricultural culture, a real oasis for landscape and bird photographers.

Personally I am also very interested in the anthropological part. Taking pictures of the people and traditions of this area is one of my favorite photographic disciplines.

Fallas (Local festivity)

The festival that all Valencians look forward to throughout the year: sculptures, music, concerts, fireworks and lots of excitement are the characteristics of these regional festivals that attract thousands of travelers to Valencia.

It is very difficult to describe what the Fallas are, the best thing to do is to come and enjoy these 4 spectacular days.

Urban Art

Valencia is a young city, full of art and artists who fill the streets with examples of their creations.
In addition to countless galleries and museums, the walls of Valencia also serve to discover the art and imagination of local and foreign artists.

Flamenco dancers

Valencia is not the birthplace of flamenco in Spain but it has good singers, musicians and dancers, many of them of gypsy ethnicity, who keep their musical traditions alive.

Festivities and traditions

The festive character of the Valencians has created many festivals and traditions, the most famous of which are the Fallas, but let's not forget some others that we will also discover with our cameras and smart phones.

Photography vacations in Valencia

✔ My photo tours in Spain are designed as cultural photo walks in the destination, all levels of photography are welcome, I adapt to the photographic level of the traveler: no matter the camera, the age or the knowledge you have, "the less you know, the more you will learn".

✔ You can schedule a long vacation in Spain and spend 1 day in Valencia where I will help you to understand and photograph the city, also.

✔ If you live in Europe you can make a getaway, there are many flights that arrive directly to Valencia airport, I guarantee you will enjoy the city, and you will come back with good photos and many vitamins, those of the Mediterranean sun and our orange juices.

Conditions for this Spain photo tour


This cultural photo tour is organized as a photography tour in Valencia, as a photography teacher my responsibility is to show you the best and most authentic of my city (once you are here) so that you learn photography in a fun way while you discover in depth the most authentic and hidden Valencia.

Both your flights to and from Valencia, as well as the accommodation you have to arrange it yourself, you can do it with your travel agency or directly from the internet.

If you do it on your own you will discover that Valencia is a very touristic city, with cafes and restaurants in every street, full of cabs, uber, etc. and with a great offer in hotels of all categories.  Official app

In the following link you can see which hotels I suggest for your accommodation: suggested hotels

✔ Included: photography workshop in the city of Valencia and transportation within the city

✔ Not included: flights, airport transfers, meals and souvenirs, travel insurance.

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