Architectural Photography Tour in Valencia,Spain

City of Arts by Louis Alarcon

Valencia has the largest modern architecture complex in Spain : the City of Arts and Sciences.

Come to Valencia and participate on my daily photo tours !


My name is Louis Alarcon, I am a professional photographer specialized in organizing and directing photography tours (Spain and Cuba).

As a local photographer, I have been visiting and photographing the City of Arts in Valencia for years, a true paradise where amateur and professional photographers from all over the world pass, mainly interested in architectural photography.

Price and duration.

✔ Price: 150 € / person

✔ Duration : 3 hours

What will you learn in my architectural photography workshop?

 Configure the camera for maximum quality (with and without tripod)

✔ How to take original compositions without using a tripod.

 We will shoot from special locations to get the best images.

 How to approach a photographic work depending on the light and time of day.

 We will obtain minimalist photographs where we will combine people and big constructions.

 Selecting the best photographs taken.

 Editing your photographic work.

Basic equipment for modern architecture photography in Valencia

Each photographer has his own preferences as to the equipment to be used.

All types of photographers are welcome on my photo tours.

The vast majority of the photographers participating in this photo tour use.

 Reflex or mirowless camera

 24-70 mm 2.8 lens

 Wide angle lenses (20 mm -24 mm - 28 mm) 


Some of them also work with filters but there are also photographers who during part of the workshop prefer to work without a tripod in order to have more freedom of movement and capture less static images. 

International photographers offering Fine Art photo tour in Valencia

There are some photographers from other countries that offer their architectural photography workshops every 2 or 3 years in the city of Valencia.

Here I show you a couple of examples of these colleagues and their great work.

@TonySellen Fine Art photography in Valencia

Sharon Tenenbaum Fine art Workshop in Valencia

The perfect hotel close to the City of Arts

Probably the best hotel and certainly the closest to this architectural complex is the NH Las Artes Hotel.

It is definitely my recommendation if you are interested in this type of photographic workshop.

But, if you are a street photographer who wants to try other disciplines such as architectural photography, you might like to stay in the center of the city and occasionally visit La Ciudad de las Artes.

Here is a selection of hotels in the center of the city.

Photography from the Hotel Website

Santiago Calatrava and the City of Arts and Sciences

There is a lot of information about the City of Arts and Sciences and its architect Santiago Calatrava.

Here are some links and information of interest, including a website where you can make a 3D visit to this paradise for fans of architecture and mega constructions.

✔ Personal website of Santiago Calatrava.

✔ Virtual 3D Visit to City of Arts.

Official website of City of Arts.

✔ Official app of tourism in Valencia


This architectural photo tour is organized as a photography activity in Valencia. As a photography teacher my responsibility is to show you the best and most authentic of my city (once you are here).

Both your flights to and from Valencia, as well as the accommodation you have to arrange it yourself, you can do it with your travel agency or directly from the internet.

In the following link you can see which hotels I suggest for your accommodation: suggested hotels

✔ Included: photography workshop.

✔ Not included: flights, airport transfers, meals and souvenirs, travel insurance.

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