Spain photo holidays in Valencia

Offering photo holidays

My name is Louis Alarcón and I offer photography holidays in Valencia (Spain) and Cuba from 2012.

These cultural photo walks are oriented to travellers who like photography, regardless of their level. Accompanying persons are also welcome.

My aim is to show my city in depth while we enjoy the light learning  photography and have conversations about the reality of Spain (or Cuba).

Spain is one of the top 3 countries in the world in terms of tourism.

Much of this tourism is made up of both amateur and professional photographers.

Many of them take their photographs while travelling with their families but some of them understand that a perfect photo holiday also includes hiring the services of a guide or teacher to offer photographic experiences such as photo tours or workshops.

Advantages of hiring this type of photo holidays

Improve their knowledge on how to take good pictures on their holidays.

✔ To discover special places in the city they are visiting and even better if it is at the right time.

✔ To learn the techniques that we professionals use to take pictures, especially when it comes to people photography, as the approach is often quite difficult for amateur photographers.

✔ To get to know in depth the idiosyncrasy of the inhabitants of the city they are visiting, the conversations between the teachers of these photo tours and the students are often oriented to the knowledge of the country.

Let's not forget about gastronomy, it is clear that we are talking about people who are photography enthusiasts but they are also people enjoying their photo holidays, so eating well, drinking and enjoying are also very important aspects to take into account.

They want to learn storytelling, in other words, they want to learn to tell stories with the photos they have taken and to differentiate between good photos and simply beautiful photos.

✔ Some of these photographers also ask me to take a photo or even a video of them while they are taking pictures, something like a little souvenir that shows how they took pictures during the duration of their photo holidays.

In my long experience offering photo holidays both in Spain and in Cuba, I can say that people who go on a photography holiday tend to come back year after year as they return home with great pictures as well as a deep knowledge of photography. 

Videos about hotography holidays

The following videos have been recorded during my photo tours in Cuba. I am currently preparing a video about the activities we do during the photo holidays in Valencia, I will upload it to this article soon.

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great falla in valencia photo taken in my photography holidays in Spain
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