Activities and interesting places to complete our Spain photo tour
Valencia City
( part I )

Here you can read the places I advise you to visit in Valencia while participating in my photo tours, maybe we will pass by some of them but they are not the main points in my photo walks.

Combining these visits with the photography walks you will get to know Valencia in depth and take great photos with you.

Theaters, cinemas, museums, courses, gastronomy, walks are some of the activities I suggest you.  Many of them are well known places and others not so many, this is my personal selection, the one I would make to enjoy Valencia.

Valencia is a big city where you can spend 4-5 days to discover and enjoy it. 

Museum of old fine arts

Spectacular and free museum mainly of old paintings, located almost in the center of Valencia, next to the riverbed.

A jewel of a building full of small jewels of painting.

Rent a bike

Valencia is a totally flat Mediterranean city, the ideal place for cycling, there are many stores that offer bike rental service in the center of Valencia as it is perhaps the best way to explore the city beyond the historic center.

Go to the theater

Valencia has a wide range of theaters and almost all of them are in the center of the city, maybe if you do not speak Spanish you are not interested in a classical play but a musical can be a good option to enjoy and learn in depth about the Valencian and Spanish culture.

Teatro les arts

Drink "agua de valencia" in a special place

Cafe cocktails and snacks in a place with a neo-baroque air next to the religious and political heart of the city.

You can not miss the water of Valencia, a drink more consumed by tourists than by Valencians. A mixture of orange juice, vodka, gin and champagne that everyone likes.

Museum of Natural Sciences

The natural science museum is usually visited by children although it is open to everyone. It is in the middle of the royal gardens or nursery gardens and right next to an outdoor cafe so the visit can be a great experience: beautiful gardens + museum + fresh beer.


Bioparc is a must for animal and nature lovers. Scenarios are recreated for each animal according to the continent and climate to which they belong in origin.

It is a fairly new park, one of the most modern and respectful with the animals in Europe.

The Centre del Carme Contemporary Culture

The Centre del Carme Contemporary Culture is a pure reflection of the history and artistic tradition of Valencia.

It bears the name of its coolest and most flavorful neighborhood in the city.

It is built over the old Royal Monastery of Nuestra Señora del Carmen de València, founded in 1281, after the Christian conquest. And that is how the most authentic neighborhood of the city received its name: Barrio del Carmen.

Since its creation at the end of the 13th century, the monastery has experienced the passage of history with several extensions and modifications that gave us the cloisters, the refectory or the chapter house.

Its use as a center for culture came in the 19th century, when it became the Museum of Fine Arts and the seat of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and the Schools of Fine Arts and Arts and Crafts. Something that, by the way, saved his life.

More extra options to enjoy our Spain photo tour
(beach area)

Marina del puerto


Barrio de pescadores
Visita por el cabañal, intentar ver la antigua lonja de pescadores
Playa de la malvarrosa


Ruta modernista, Varadero


Lonja de los pescadores


Valencian traditions to visit in our Spain photo tour

Tiro y arrastre
ir a ver los caballos o la competicion
Tienda de trajes de fallera
Visita a costurera o tienda.. 

Modernist architecture in our spain photo tour

Modernist architecture
Como la casa del punt de Ganxo o la estación del Norte.
Al lado del Mercado Central, se encuentra la Casa Ordeig. Desde 1907, la casa construida por Francisco de Mora y Berenguer, es un edificio de viviendas modernistas.
La Casa de los Dragones es uno de los ejemplos valencianos del modernismo.
También la casa Ortega y casa Chapa.
Compras y souvenirs
Ideas , lugares como el de las postales a la puerta de atras de la lonja de la seda, con valencianas antiguas en las postales. 

Parks and garden in our spain photo tour in valencia

Garden of Turia River

The largest urban park in Spain, 10 kilometers of nature that crosses the city using the old Turia riverbed.

Garden full of special corners, fountains, people doing sports, scenic arts, etc. A special place to walk at any time, it is full of nature, shade and a pleasant temperature.

Parque natural del Turia
La zona más natural, (sin montar a camello) . 
Parque de cabecera
el extremo del parque nuevo del rio turia

12 kilometers from the center of Valencia we have this freshwater lake surrounded by rice fields and traditional Valencian villages. In them there are very interesting restaurants where they serve the most traditional food with the best views.

A wonderful place also for photographers fond of viewpoints, sunsets and nature.

Raco de L´Oya

Paseo e interpretación de aves con mirador a la albufera

Gardens of Monforte

Neoclassical style garden ideal for walking and resting, of great aesthetic and naturalistic value, which has an area of 12,597 square meters. In it we find beautiful statues and vases, relaxing ornamental fountains, trees and shrubs of great beauty, trimmed hedges and flowering areas that make this garden one of the most beautiful in the city of Valencia.

A perfect place 15 minutes walk (from the center of Valencia) to relax and take pictures of flora and sculptures.

Paella y tour market

bien situada en tripadvisor

Ruta en segway
Ruta en segway

bien situada en tripadvisor

Ruta de las tapas en Valencia
Mejores sitios para ir degustando tapas y si se puede entrar en la cocina
Desde las alturas
Desde donde se ve la ciudad de las ciencias
Desde el Miguelete
Desde el corte ingles de avda francia
Nuestra capilla sixtina valenciana
Iglesia de San Nicolás de Bari y San Pedro Mártir de València
Palau de la musica
Musica cada día junto al rio de Valencia
Flamenco en Valencia
Visita el local y a los propios cantantes y bailadores ensayando.

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