Street photo tour in Valencia

by Louis Alarcon

Learn how to take photos like a professional, quickly, easily and efficiently..

I will correct your mistakes so you can work like an experienced street photographer.


Price and duration.

Duration: 3 hours

Price: 150 € / person  

✔ The photo tour of street photography in Valencia is open to everyone, no matter the level or the photographic equipment you have.

✔ It is a personalized photo walk  (I don´t mix groups) in which you discover the city while you learn and improve your photographic technique.

Main activities - Learning

 You will take pictures in places with good light (the key to photography).

 I will help you to contact people in order to take street portraits.

 You will handle the camera in a simple but effective way, as it is done in the professional world.

 We will do various composition exercises.

 I will analyze your images to learn how to distinguish between the beautiful pictures and the really good ones. 

 You will learn how to combine colors properly.

✔ I will translate my thoughts as a professional photographer for you to discover which are the elements that attract the attention of street photographers.

 You will discover how to be clean in composition to make your image clearer and more impressive.

 You will take under and over exposed photos to get more artistic images and improve our resources.

 You will see the possibilities of double exposure, a very interesting game for restless photographers.

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