Hi! I am Louis Alarcon : director of the "Academy for photographers" , a platform to learn photography both online and through photo tours in Spain and Cuba.

I consider myself a photography teacher rather than a photographer, I remember well my path to professional photography and I want to pass on those teachings to others. 

✔ I was born in Valencia (Spain) in 1974 and lived there until 2010 when I started my journey as a professional photographer and moved to live in Havana for a large part of the year.

In 2018 I decided to also offer photo tours in Spain and thus expand my offer of photographic trips. I manage to live half a year in Cuba and the other half in Spain, always with my camera on my shoulder.
✔ I´m specialized in teaching, photo travel, editing, street photo and documentary photography.

✔ Here you can see most of my photographic work.

Here some of the reviews in Tripadvisor and here in Google maps.


The beginning of my journey as a photographer

✔ Simple. Photography has always been my passion, mainly travel, street and documentary photography.

✔ I always enjoyed teaching and organising trips, when I was younger I organised camps for children and I was a teacher for several years.

✔ I had some savings from my years as a topography and photogrammetry engineer, thanks to which I was able to start my adventure as a photographer.

I left my job and went to Cuba with my camera in 2010 to organise my first photo tours, I wanted to teach the simplest and most effective techniques to get good photos. Web

✔ I discovered places and activities that tourists don't usually see and I was able to show an unknown and very human Cuba.

I improved a lot my level as a photographer, I needed the critique of several masters to discover the difference between nice pictures and good pictures and also how to tell good stories with my images.

What have I discovered by guiding photographers? 

✔ All travellers like to take good photos on their travels.

Visiting special places where there is not all the standard tourism is a pleasure for anyone.

✔ Being a local and speaking Spanish as my mother tongue allows me to go deeper into the culture of the two destinations where I offer my trips.

✔ People who like travelling and photography also like to socialise with other people and discover other cultures different from their own.

✔ Travellers know the usual clichés of the culture they are visiting, helping them to understand another country is a real pleasure for me.

✔ Almost all amateur photographers have problems getting close to strangers and taking portraits, this is often dangerous or uncomfortable in some countries, but it is quite easy in Spain and Cuba.

Taking photos of people is exciting, but it is more difficult than taking landscape or architecture photos, so it is important to combine several photographic disciplines.

✔ All travellers like good food in special places, where we locals usually go.

Random things about me

I like to read a lot and I don't usually watch much TV.

✔ I don't care whether I work with a camera or with other cameras, the important thing is the story you tell.

I like ornithology, my favourite birds are swallows, they live half the year in Spain and the other half in Africa, this inspired me for my own life.

✔ One of the special moments every year is when I see the first swallow arrive in Valencia, around the 1st of March.

✔ My parents and grandparents are wine farmers and they taught me the value of work and love for the land.

✔ When I was a child I kept a personal diary for 15 years, accompanied by photos, I think that improved my visual memory, finally the diary disappeared in a move but my memory is still active.

My real name is Luis, but on the web I adapted it to English "Louis".

✔ I would like to be a vegetarian and get up earlier in the mornings ... I haven't managed it yet.

I always wanted to get to know another culture in depth, not just travelling from country to country, I wanted to go as deep as possible and I achieved this goal in Cuba where I met my wife and she helped me to understand the country and the psychology of the people.

✔ I sincerely believe that Valencia is the best city in the world, I know I am not impartial because it is my city, but I have many reasons to justify my opinion.

✔ Rock and Roll fills me with energy, reggae relaxes me and flamenco makes me cry.

✔ I have many acquaintances and 5 very good friends, that's one of my treasures, besides my family and my photographic portfolio.

I like to look at photography books in the evening, when everything is quiet, drink a hot camomile tea, listen to music and caress every page of the book.

✔ I was always afraid to speak English with some mistakes, but after 10 years I have finally discovered that travellers don't mind a little grammar mistake (they even see it as exotic), the important thing is the fluent communication and the connection between people.

 "The best photography course is the personalized one, the one that uses YOUR images to, after analyzing them, learn how to edit , retouch and tell YOUR stories with them".


Just as writers and filmmakers have their standards for storytelling, we photographers have ours when it comes to showing our work.

Writers and film directors are specialists in narrative, so they can "hook the viewer" and guide him or her through the film or book. Exactly the same as in photography.

In general, writers show their book to specialists or people they trust before it is published, in order to detect flaws and improve it, just as many photographers should do.

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