Valencia Photo Tours

Led by Louis Alarcon

Street, landscape and architecture photo tours with a local photography teacher.

Choose your photo tour, learn photography and discover Valencia.
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Street photography tour

Street photography in the old city. You will discover how to get close to people and get good pictures.

Architecture photography workshop

Workshop with long exposure techniques and minimalist photography at the "City of arts".

Landscape photo tour

We will obtain good natural images with the best light, at the best time.

Photo trips in Valencia led by a local photographer

✔ Personalized photo tours, for one person only (no mixing of groups).
✔ Check real reviews about my way to guide this photo tours . Here
 ✔ Valencia is a great mediterranean city that can be discovered in 2 or 3 days

✔  A true paradise for tourists and photographers who like human, street, architecture, night and landscape photography.  Check my portfolio. Here

✔  These photo walks are done in 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the afternoon/evening so that you have free time to enjoy the city.  

 The price is 150 € / person, each season of 3 hours. 

old central market by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
light and shadows in valencia centre by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
graffiti and red hair woman by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
Portrait of a graffiti artist by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
street musicians with saxophone by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
reflections in a street mirrow by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
2 tourist colorfull dressed by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
old man on the beach by Louis Alarcon photography tours in Valencia
Monument of fallas head of a woman by Louis Alarcon photography trips in Valencia

Why this photo tour with me in Valencia?

My real passion is teaching photography and encouraging travelers to approach people on the street and compose good street scenes.

Photographic tourism, courses, photo walks and/or personal tutoring are the two best ways to improve your images as well as to discover another country.

You can see below some of the places we will visit and photographic styles we will practice

Street Photo

Valencia has a large number of streets and ideal places for practicing street photo.

My daily photo walks in Valencia are mainly oriented towards this type of photography.

Architecture day and night photography
The City of Arts and Sciences is an impressive architectural and cultural space where you can take all kinds of photographs, mainly architecture.
An opportunity to learn how to take great minimalist photos with the highest quality.
Landscape photography
15 kilometers from Valencia we have a small inland sea called Albufera, it is the ideal place for landscape photography, especially attractive at sunrise and sunset.
Many travellers seek beautiful landscapes on their photo holidays, the lagoon is the right place.
On the beach
The beach of Valencia is an excellent "testing ground" to practice a type of human photography in an environment different from that of the city, but also full of original people and situations.  An intense photo trip 10 minutes from the centre of Valencia.
Fallas (local festivity)

The festival that all Valencians look forward to throughout the year: sculptures, music, concerts, fireworks and lots of excitement are the characteristics of these regional festivals that attract thousands of travelers to Valencia between the 16th and the 19th of March.

The character of the Valencians makes it possible to make some portraits that in other countries would be much more difficult.

Photographing the activities and real life in and around Valencia is one of my specialties.

Main practices, skills and techniques you will practice.

✔ Professional and easy way to use your camera to get focused photos in good light.

✔ Using overexposure and underexposure to get artistic results.

✔ Strategies for getting close-up portraits of people.

How to plan your photographic work in short 20-minute practice sessions.

How to isolate elements to achieve cleaner photographs.

✔ How to always work at the same distance from people.

✔ How to take photographs always thinking in triangles to obtain interesting compositions.

How to concentrate first on the background and then on the main subject so as not to have overlapping elements

...   and many other tricks and strategies commonly used by street photography professionals. 




This cultural photo tour is organized as a photography tour in Valencia, as a photography teacher my responsibility is to show you the best and most authentic of my city (once you are here) so that you learn photography in a fun way while you discover in depth the most authentic and hidden Valencia.

Both your flights to and from Valencia, as well as the accommodation you have to arrange it yourself, you can do it with your travel agency or directly from the internet.

You will discover that Valencia is a very touristic city, with cafes and restaurants in every street, full of taxis, cabifys, uber, etc. and with a great offer in hotels of all categoriesOfficial app

In the following link you can see some hotels you can find in Valencia  (there are many more) : hotels

✔ Included: photography photo tour in Valencia.

✔ Not included: flights, transportation, accommodation, airport transfers, meals and souvenirs, travel insurance.

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Why do I organise photo trips and cultural walks in Valencia?

✔ It is clear that any traveller with a mobile phone can be a beginner travel photographer with a desire to get good holiday photos. Why not?

✔ Many photo tour companies are big companies but their tours are just another product in their catalogue of photography tours packages .
In my case (I am not a big photographic agency)  I want to offer a unique experience associated with photography, travel and the culture of Valencia (Spain).

✔ Many travellers and photographers think of Barcelona or Madrid when they think of Spain, but they don't know that Valencia has become the most comfortable, accessible and lively city for all types of travellers. An ideal destination for photographers, cultural and gastronomic travellers.

✔ In my photo walks I like to offer new photographic ideas to my students, some of them are known and repeated and others are new ones that come up during the day. This creative part of adapting my teaching to the photographer's personality is one of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most.

✔ Each city has photographic routes that are designed by each photographer. Personally I really enjoy discovering new routes, which are interesting for me but also for the travellers who participate in my photowalks.

Doing phototrips with small groups allows me to teach better but also to adapt my activities in an optimal way. It is also very important to be able to review the photographs of all my students and this is possible thanks to the fact that the groups are very small.

✔ I have found that taking a photography tour on the first day of your holiday will help you discover new techniques and practice what you have learnt during the rest of your free days in that city.

✔ As a local photographer in Valencia I can offer a vision of my city and my country that cannot be offered by photographers from other countries, who have visited Spain many times but do not know the idiosyncrasy of the Spanish people and our culture in depth.

✔ It is a personal pleasure to adapt my teachings to travellers with no knowledge of photography, amateur and professional photographers. We all learn from each other. This is part of the magic of photography. 
✔ I want to offer my experience in street, people, cityscape, architecture and portrait photography. Every traveller has different preferences and adapting to them is a challenge but also a pleasure.

✔ At first I thought of being a classic photography teacher but as time went by I discovered that there are travellers who are simply looking to be guided to the best places in the city to take photos. Others want to learn how to use their camera, others want to know my honest opinion about the photos they have taken.

So the different personalities of the photographers who visit me make my job as a teacher challenging and as much about psychology as it is about photography.

In my photo tours in Cuba I offer longer trips around the island but in Valencia my intention is to do an economic photo tour focusing on the urban environment of the city (although I also offer photo trips to the natural areas around Valencia).

✔ I always thought that Valencia was a nearby destination for many cities in Europe and that travellers could book a photographic weekend and return home after two days capturing the essence of Spanish city.

✔ Sometimes the extra motivation of learning street photography in a city far away from home helps us to enjoy it more and get better images.

✔ Personally, I have seen how the daily teaching of a professional photographer (working as a tutor) can be the best way to learn photography and to discover the personal style that each of us has (often hidden and to be discovered).

✔ I believe that many photographers have learned all kinds of photography but in most cases they have not practiced what I consider to be one of the best branches of photography, documentary photography. 

Maybe if you are an amateur photographer you are not looking for a documentary photography workshop, but I assure you that documentary photography combined with street photography, architecture, generates some very interesting visual stories.

✔ I like night and long exposure photography and certainly teaching and practising it with small groups is great. Seeing the different compositions of the travellers and how each one interprets the light is exciting.

Opinions about my photo workshops in Valencia

Zahra Irannejad
We had a discussion about my learning needs and what I would have liked to cover. However, he covered much more and answered all my questions. He also looked at my Instagram and worked on my weak points. Luis is passionate, patient and professional. His knowledge is amazing and his attitude towards teaching is brilliant. If I go back to Spain, I would definitely have more sessions with him. He also has another programme that I would book for you in the future.
Valentin M.
I met him years ago while participating in one of his photo tours in Cuba, we became friends and he is one of my favourite photographers. Valencia is his city so he knows every corner and how the light illuminates every corner 😀, he also quickly discovers the weak points of each photographer in order to help them improve.
Tino Soriano
It was a great success to book a photo day with Luis in Valencia. He loves his city, loves photography and enjoys teaching. We practised a lot, we took some good pictures (and some bad ones too hahahah) and I discovered places where there was no standard tourism.
Recommended if you like photography, people, gastronomy and travel.

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