Are you one of those who love the details of life and the beauty behind every element you can find in the world, no matter how insignificant it may seem?

Do you agree that there are so many beautiful places in Spain that should be captured in an image, to be admired by all those who do not have the possibility to travel?

So, are you ready to make the preparations for your photographic vacation?

In this post I want to give you some tips to consider in case your love for photography leads you to prepare a unique trip.

And I say unique, because when you make the decision of what to photograph you will have an experience to remember.



5 tips to make the preparations for your photographic trip

Taking a vacation trip in Spain is always a pleasure, but taking one to take pictures is the pleasure of working, and it's definitely not the same.

Therefore, to make the most of your time I leave you some tips to consider:

1. Choose the date of travel according to the type of photography you want: this is very relevant since the seasons, the weather, are very relevant factors for the photos.
Not doing so can be as catastrophic as looking for a sunny photo and that day is totally cloudy.

One of my suggestions may be to visit the most important regional festivals in Spain, here are some suggestions

Best events in Spain

2. Prepare your camera and lenses well: this is routine, a general maintenance before traveling will avoid unwanted technical problems. Make a list of all the accessories you will need in case... this way, you will be prepared to take the best pictures.

3. If you are using a cell phone for photography, you can, for example, take lens kits, bluetooth tripod, universal cell phone adapter for telescope and binoculars.
Don't forget your backup equipment, and back up all your work every night.

4. Make your hotel reservation: although it may sound trivial, it is important that it is close to the location of the sites where you want to take the photographs.
The reservation is a very important factor in the trip, do not venture into the option of "when I'm there I'll find a place". 

Being calm, focused and stress-free improves your experience and of course your perspective.

Some hotels in Valencia

5. Leave room for improvisation: no matter how much you have planned your itinerary and the type of photos, you don't fully know what you will find. So, leave room for improvisation, which is why it is good to prepare a backpack containing safety equipment for you and your devices. And given the covid restrictions incorporate your biosafety kit.

Taking a photography trip in Spain - Valencia in covid times.

Traveling in covid times has been a question many photographers have asked themselves. But the truth is that it is not complicated at all if you comply with the restrictions that the place to visit asks for.

If you plan to travel for your vacation photography to Valencia - Spain, make sure:

1.-  Wear your mask, especially in closed places.

2.-  Have at hand your covid certificate issued by a health center.

3.-  Keep your distance.

Prepare beforehand the vacation spot in Spain where you will take your pictures, enjoy the moment, and share with the world the wonderful places where to spend a nice vacation.

Official web in Spain to be informed about covid : here

saxophone man and public in out photographic holidays in spain
Old market in valencia photo taken in our photographic holidays in Spain

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