Broken Shoes is 100% Street Photography in Cuba. This is the playground of all photographers, the street, where we experiment, recognize ourselves, try to understand each other, adjust and above all where we have fun.

Broken shoes is my street project in Cuba. There are dozens of pairs of shoes that I have broken while walking the streets to find my vision and my style.

The big doubt in these portfolios always arises in terms of the number of photos to show, since it can be a wide collection where to show most of the chosen photos or also you can be more strict and show only the best ones. It is said that a photographer is only as good as "the worst of the pictures he/she shows".

In this case, since the project is shown in the environment of , I decided to show a wide spectrum of the photos.

To see a stricter edition visit here. 

blue cuban car in havana streets
man behind a cuban woman in a picture party
cuban musician and people dancing
old cuban car in a east vacational beach
touris in front of capitol building in havana
young cuban man and an old green car in havana
three cuban man speaking in group
white old cuban car in havana
nice cuban kids in a celebration
young cuban man jumping in havana
group of teenagers in havana streets
cuban couple in a romantic situation
cuban people going in a national bus
body of a man and cuban car behim him
sensual body of cuban girl without head
cuban woman warming before to dance
dog shitting in havana streets
kiss with outdoor tongue in havana carnivals
cuban girls dancing is a picture of cuba
young cuban kid in havana is a picture of cuba
young cuban student with official red scarf
legs of a cuban woman crossing a pedestrian
cuban yellow car and convertible
cuban horse with open mouth is a photograph from cuba
cuban girl in havana, sitting down in a chair
lovers in havana
old cuban woman waiting in a store
young cuban woman police
workers of construction in havana
flags in havana
legs of a cuban woman in havana
food store in havana
cuban emergency services rescuing a child swimming in the sea
legs of a cuban woman in front of a car
drunk cuban man in a pub with the waitress
mulata woman in havana streets
Cuban food vendor offering tomatoes
cuban party with many people
cuban musicians
dog is the streets of trinidad, cuba
kids in a cuban bus
kid in a cuban bus, picture of havana
cuban man in his balcony with underwear
empty store in havana
old man and young woman in cuba
shadow of a cuban man drinking a beer in trinidad cuba
kids playing domino in havana
hairdresser cutting the hair of a Cuban boy
hairdresser cutting the hair of a man in a place full of flags
shadows in the cuban bay
offering drinks in havana
cuban woman smoking a cigar in havana
bicycle in havana streets
fat man driving a old cuban car
fishing in cuban coast, a single small fish

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