Videos about Valencia , Spain

Some of the travellers who come to Valencia to participate in my photo tours don't really know the city and don't know what they are going to find there, especially if they come during the local festivities "Las Fallas" which usually impress travellers a lot.

With these videos I think I help them to find their way around and make it clear to them that Valencia is a very lively, cheerful and photogenic city.

More videos about Valencia in Spain

Although this website is oriented to photography and photographic tourism, it is common to all travelers who visit places far from home, wanting to know as deeply the culture of that new city or country we visit.

Valencia is a spectacular city for restless travelers, with a desire to know another culture, wanting to eat the delights of the Mediterranean diet.

The intention of these videos is to show a little of the personality of the city of Valencia so that travelers who are going to make both standard tourism and photographic tourism can be inspired before coming to my city.

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