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I like to say that not all photo walks have to be in the cities, in Valencia we are lucky to have the Malvarrosa beach near the city, so.

Why not take pictures on the beach?

Photo opportunities are where you least expect them.

The City of Science is not only a great architectural complex, it is also a place of practice for photographers visiting Valencia, but also a huge gallery of works of art as you can see in this case the work of the Japanese artist "Leiko Ikemura".

In this article I write about some of the particularities I have discovered while organising photo tours in Spain and Cuba since 2010.

It is a different kind of tourism from the standard and with many particularities.

A small reflection on photo holidays which, although they are not a major type of tourism, are practised by an increasing number of photographers and amateurs.

In March I offer the most intense Photo tour of the whole year. Valencia celebrates its regional festivities known as the fallas and the photographic opportunities are immense.

Fallas photography tour

1.- Streets

On the streets you will find almost everything a photographer participating in a photo walk is looking for.

Nothing is guaranteed, surprises may or may not appear.

I start here a list of the 20 most important places for photography in Valencia.

2.- City of science in Valencia

The City of Sciences in Valencia is already internationally known, every tourist who passes through Valencia, whether a standard tourist or a photographic tourist, passes through this ideal environment for calm photography.

Our cameras are ready

Our cameras are ready to take to the streets to capture good moments, especially in the month of March which is approaching with its good temperatures and the regional festivals of Valencia. Good moments for street photographers.

3.- Valencia in Fallas

Third place in my list of the best places to take pictures in Valencia.

In this case I refer to the whole city but in a very specific time, it would be during the celebration of the fallas in the city, in the month of March, when Valencia becomes a party.

Valencia the healthiest city in the world

Pride as a Valencian to appear for the second year as the healthiest city in the world.

No wonder there is so much tourism in Valencia: cultural tourism, photographic, architectural, etc..

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