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My name is Louis Alarcón, I was born in Valencia in 1974 and photography is my profession and my hobby.

My specialty is photographic tourism and the organization of photographic tours.

The objective of my cultural photo walks is to teach photography and discover the culture, architecture and gastronomy of my city.


Valencian photographer

As a photographer I enjoy many types of photography that I do in Valencia, the city where I was born.

I have spent some years of my life working as a professional photographer in Cuba, but finally I have returned to Valencia where I combine different photographic techniques and disciplines as part of my profession.

I show you below some of my specialties and projects.

My photographic specialties in Valencia

1.- Photo tours in Valencia

My number 1 specialty is the organization and management of photo tours and cultural walks in the city of Valencia.

I love my city and its light and I love walking with my camera teaching photography and making new friends.

2.- Architecture photography

Valencia has a very diverse architecture, the passage of time and fashions have made the city a veritable museum for architecture and photography enthusiasts.

The City of Sciences and Arts is one of the most impressive places to practice this type of discipline that I practice with my groups and sometimes alone.

3.- Photography courses

Most travelers and amateur photographers enjoy photography on their travels but are not highly educated.

My courses are oriented to detect those little "gaps" in their photographic training and help them to improve their technique, their look and their psychology, especially to approach unknown people and take pictures of them.

4.- Event photography

The photography of events, meetings, etc... is another of my jobs. Making a good storytelling with interesting photographs of the event, congress or meeting is the goal of my work.

5.- Business photography

Valencia is a big city with more than 1 million people, it is the third largest city in Spain and there are many businesses looking to get a good image for their websites, posters and social networks.

I especially like business photography because of the personal treatment with the owners and the challenge of trying to show their personality in the photos of their business or company.

Professional photographer in Valencia

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