Personal opinion about "Spain photography tours" that Tripadvisor shows

This article is very subjective, it is my personal opinion about the Spain photography tours that Tripadvisor shows people when they search on Google. (A big mistake in my opinion)

My name is Louis Alarcon and I am a professional photographer specialised in organising and carrying out photographic trips in Spain and Cuba.

I write this article because I think that in this occasion the Google search engine and the Tripadvisor platform are not offering the person what they are looking for, here you have a picture to see what it would show in case of searching "Spain photo tours".

As you can see, Tripadvisor is in second place, it's a great website and people often go there for information. In first place is a landscape photography travel agency and in third place are my own photo workshops that I do in Valencia.

If we go inside the Tripadvisor page there are some surprises, let's get to it.

Mistakes in Tripadvisor research about Spain photography tours

No doubt for a photographer who is looking for a photo walk in Spain or a photo workshop or course, this information will not be very useful, as they are very attractive attractions on Tripadvisor but they are not real photo tours focused on teaching photography while getting to know a new city or town.

If we continue to look at tripadvisor's proposals for photography tours we will continue to see tours that are not photography tours, but rather gastronomic or cultural tours.

I thinks as a photographer I would wait something like this

I am not a web analyst but I have spent many years analysing the internet for searches related to: Photo Walks, photo course, photo workshops, etc. and I think there are several possible answers for this mistake..

1.- Tripadvisor shows instead any attraction that was registered even in a secondary category such as photo tour, even if it is not really dedicated to this activity.

2.- It shows the results that the platform is most interested in economically, i.e. it only shows photo attractions on which it directly earns a commission.

3.- There is an error in the results analysis algorithm and it is not able to see that a photographer looking for a photo tour is not interested in drinking wine in Barcelona.

These are my 3 possible answers, although perhaps none of them is perfect ;-)

And what about Spain photo tours in Viator company?

Viator is the fourth solution that Google gives us, it is a Tripadvisor company where we can advertise our tourist activities sharing the profits with the company.

In this case there are no surprises either, you will see what kind of "photography tours" it advertises as the first options to choose from.

As you can see what they offer are photography services in which we will be the models, this is better known as "vacation photography". This is better known as "vacation photography", we are not going to learn photography but we are going to get pictures of ourselves, again information that is not valid for a photographer who wants to learn.

As a final conclusion I could say that Tripadvisor and its sister Viator are not appropriate search engines to find a real photo tour for photographers interested in learning photographic techniques, special places with good light, etc....

I propose as a solution to look for other results than the ones that google shows us, but probably the best solution would be to do a more precise search in Google, as it seems that the search "Spain photography tours" is too generic.

Here I propose other searches in which Tripadvisor will no longer appear and we will get photographers who offer appropriate services for travelling photographers who want to learn from other professional local photographers of the city they are going to visit.

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