Industrial photography in Spain

Industrial photography is certainly not my speciality, although I have had the opportunity to do some joint work in collaboration with the Valencian photographer Paco Felguera.

As a photographer I love other styles of images and industrial images are sometimes photographs that border on art, I love this approach between industry, product and artistic proposal. 

In Spain there are a lot of industries and all of them are looking to offer the best image to their clients, both in their catalogues and on their websites, social networks etc.

I've been lucky enough to have been able to work on occasion for some industrial and product photography.

In this short article I show some of the industrial photographs taken in the provinces of Valencia and Castellón with Felguera Studio.

As a documentary photographer and used to working without artificial light it was a challenge to help Felguera in this photographic assignment to get these professional images oriented to create advertising catalogues for different industrial companies.

Examples of Industrial Photographs

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