Differences between a photo tour and a vacation photography service

Differences between a photo tour and vacation photography, according to my experience guiding photo tours in Spain and Cuban photography tours.

There is a lot of confusion about this on the internet, even search engines like google or Tripadvisor show wrong results because they confuse these two types of photography services.

Both are services that appear on the internet when we search for photo tours in a destination we are going to travel to, but they are very different.

In this simple article I want to make 2 lists to better understand that it is very different to travel and participate in a photography tour or to model for a vacation photographer. 

Ideal travellers to participate in a photography tour

The best way to distinguish these two services would be to ask ourselves the following question

What kind of traveller can enjoy a photography tour ? 

Amateur photographers who want to know the best places to take pictures during their holidays.

Photography enthusiasts who want to get to know secret corners of the city they are travelling to.

Professional photographers looking for the services of a photo fixer who knows the city well and all the resources a photographer may need.

Groups of photography students who want to learn from a professional by taking photos of all kinds.

Instagramers who are looking to take a photographic tour of the most photogenic places in a city and need help to get the best possible photos.

Standard tourists who, like all of us, are also looking to take good photos of the places we visit. 

Documentary photographers who want to contact specific people that they would have a hard time finding because they don't know the city in depth.

Ideal travellers to hire a vacation photography service.

What kind of travellers hire and enjoy the services of vacation photographer?

✔ They are mainly families who want to have a good photographic souvenir of their trip to a certain city.

Groups of friends who sometimes not only hire the services of photography but also seek to be recorded on video to have a good holiday souvenir.

Newly married couples on their honeymoon, they probably already hired a photographer at their wedding and are looking to have more pictures of that special time in their lives.

Models who may want to expand their photo book and add photographs in other locations besides the city where they live.

Photography from vacation photographer Izuky in Havana

Videos about modeling in vacation photography

Video about photography tours in Cuba

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