Best photography Schools in Spain

Welcome to my photography courses in Valencia, in the form of photo tours and photo walks.

My name is Louis Alarcón, I dedicate myself to teaching photography and my city to the traveling photographers who visit it.

I detail in this article other photography schools and courses in the rest of Spain.

Enjoy it ! 

The most important thing when choosing an English language photography school in Spain is to know which is your favourite photographic discipline, the one you want to learn or improve as a photographer.

From Valencia I offer daily courses focused on: 

1.- Street photography

2.- Travel photography

3.- Digital storytelling

4.- Camera handling

There are great photography schools in Spain, my courses are not part of official training but rather are aimed at those travellers or residents in Valencia who are looking to learn from a professional photographer on the streets, the main lessons I teach are as follows.

✔ Understanding light

✔ Photographic composition

✔ Setting up the camera in a simple way

✔ How to get close to people

✔ Finding different points of view

✔ Selecting the pictures taken in order to tell stories 

Official and unofficial photography schools

As you can see, I don't teach official photography courses in a school, but in my 10 years as a street photography teacher I have noticed the following: photographers and travellers often learn and get more enthusiasm from street photography with good assistance than in classical photography schools.

Perhaps the best way for a photographer to improve is to combine the following elements.

✔ Training in schools.

✔ Personalised tutoring.

✔ Storytelling classes to understand your own portfolio.

✔ Reading books.

✔ Attending lectures, exhibitions.

✔ Participation in photo tours or photo walks in different destinations with different teachers.

Thank you for reading my article, if you are looking for an official photography school to train you during your stay in Spain, you can read below the list that I suggest but here I am if you are looking for one of the following training activities within the world of photography.

✔ Photo walks oriented to street photo

✔ Photography tours to discover Valencia in depth

Workshop of travel photography

✔ Daily courses of human photography in the streets of a city.

List of photography schools in Spain

They usually offer their courses mainly in Spanish language but some of them have specific courses in English.

In this list are the best known photography schools in Spain. 

Traditionally they focused their training plan on: basic photography, lighting, lab, etc. but nowadays the offer is very wide, with great online possibilities: editing, retouching, development of photographic projects, creation of photo-books, etc.

CFC - Bilbao - Vasc Country

Contemporary photography in Bilbao

FotoGasteiz - Vitoria - Vasc Country

Great teachers with a good video channel and online courses.

Institut d´estudis - Barcelona

100% focus on photography 

Grisart - Barcelona

35 years of experience, even in english 

efedePhoto - Valencia

Teachers specialized in editing and storytelling

Espai d´art fotográfic - Valéncia

Wide range of photographic, video and software workshops

Lens - Madrid

School of Visual Arts - Video - Photography and Cinema

La Maquina in Madrid

Pure photographic training both online and on-site.

EFTI in Madrid

Photography and Cinema
A classic school of photography known to all photographers in Spain.

Elivasa in Barcelona

Masters and Postgraduates - Art and Photography.

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