Some photography workshops in Spain

In my opinion there is little offer of professional photography workshops in Spain that we can find in English (in Spanish the offer is much wider).

It is true that if we talk about bird watching or wildlife we can find more variety but if we talk about street, documentary, human or travel photography, it is almost impossible to find a workshop, not even in the main cities of Spain.

Here you can have a look at my workshops in Valencia.

I have allowed myself to put my own workshop first, it will be interesting for you if you like lively cities with a lot of possibilities for street photography, portrait photography, etc.

I offer my workshops of photography in Valencia, I think I am the only one who has this offer in my city, you can find many results in Google, Tripadvisor and Viator but they will always direct you to photography sessions in which you will be the model not the student, vacation photography and tourist tours for standard tourism. 

1.- In Valencia. By Louis Alarcon

My photo workshops focus on street photography, portraiture, street photography and some architecture.

Valencia is my city and this is where I do my workshops.

It's a very open and lively city where it's possible to get close enough to people to make interesting street compositions.

If you are fond of photography and you are thinking of coming to Spain to discover the country while you learn photography, here you have a list of these photo-workshops, the offer is not very wide but you will surely find one that fits your style.

List of Spain photography workshops

2.- North and south of Spain

Alfonso Calero lives in Australia but twice a year he offers his photo workshops in Spain. He usually comes with Australian students but always admits travellers of all nationalities to his groups.

His main focus is on nature and architecture photography in cities.

I don't know him in depth but looking at his website I don't think they do street or documentary photography.

3.- Barcelona

Laurie Cohen is an Israeli photographer who offers his photography workshops in different countries around the world such as India, Israel, Cuba and also in Barcelona.

Barcelona offers a lot of opportunities and he focuses on travel photography. 

4.- Madrid

"ME" offers a variety of tours in Madrid, including a photo tour. It is surprising how few photo workshops the capital of Spain offers for photographers interested in improving their photographic technique and their photographs.

5.- Nature photo tours

Antonio and Rowan are specialists in wildlife and landscape photography. They offer some very specific photo tours where you need to be a very experienced photographer and have all the permits to go to these places.

They have specialised in wildlife photography in Spain but also offer their workshops in other countries such as  Iceland , Kenya , etc.. 

6.- Bird watching

Bird photo tours la Sabina is a company focused on bird photo tours in Spain. Their photographs are impressive, I personally love bird photography even though I don't do it.

If you are a photographer looking to do bird watching in Spain it is without a doubt one of the best companies I have seen.

7.- Andalusia

Strabo Tours is a photo workshop company that conducts workshops all over the world. I have personally seen them on their trips to Cuba.

In Spain they offer their photographic trip in Andalusia, an area of Spain with a lot of life, I mean it is not only architecture and landscape, it is the birthplace of flamenco and the character of the Andalusian people is one of the most open and cordial of all Spain.

8.- Wild life

"Salva Fauna company runs Ethical Wildlife Tours in Spain.

I don't know them personally but their photos and website show a great variety of destinations and photos.

For nature photo workshop lovers this is surely a great option as they know the best places to take wildlife photos.

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